As we reported on over the weekend, 50 Cent took over New York Daily News for the day today. We're not sure exactly how involved he was (or is) in the editorial process for NY Daily News, but he was apparently going to help pick the news stories they ran today, choose photos, and attend meetings. Along with those duties, there was a live chat with the rapper on the newspaper's blog.

The rapper has been heavy on the business side of things lately, apart from trashing "Empire" for being too similar to his own TV series "Power," he signed a massive deal with underwear brand Frigo and began promoting his own line of vodka. This leaves his fans with one question: where is Street King Immortal?

During the live Q&A Fif fielded a few questions about the long-delayed LP. When asked "what type of album will SKI be?" Fif responded, "I try to balance the highlights from the past two records. To try to create a different style and the story telling." An even better piece of information followed suit, when 50 was asked if he'd ever collab with Eminen again: "Yeah," he said. "He got a new song together on my new album. So you'll get a chance to hear that shortly."

As for when his album is coming out, he promises it's on the way (but let's not get too excited just yet). "I'm going to release a date shortly but it's definitely coming out," he said of SKI. "I pushed it back to release the G-Unit EPs: The Beauty and Beast. It's just now the focus on completing the record for me."