Rick Ross and 50 Cent once had one of the most cutthroat feuds in hip-hop history. Recent behavior from both artists suggests that while they both have matured immensely since those days, the wounds are still too fresh to amicably collaborate on some music. During his interview with Big Boy this week, Rick Ross said that he would be open to working with 50 Cent but only "if he was still dope." Many of us expected to get a harsh response to the remark on Fiddy's social pages but instead, he got an opportunity to respond when speaking to Complex personality Speedy Morman. 


During a sit-down with the host, Fif issued a classier-than-usual response to Rozay, noting that they've never been in the studio together and they probably won't ever be. "I don't know what his value is to music culture at this moment," said the executive producer of Power. While he didn't necessarily go off on the rapper as we expected, he did make it clear that he's still not entirely down with what the Florida boy stands for.


Ever since the exchange, fans have been reacting on social media and taking sides, noting their shock at 50's tame response. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.