50 Cent and Eminem have had a storied friendship in the rap game, often working together to deliver classic tunes that have made their way into the history books. Yesterday, Em celebrated an unprecedented award, being presented the honor of becoming the first rapper to move over 100 million song units by the RIAA. The feat has only been surpassed by a select few and none of Marshall's hip-hop peers are that close to overcoming his impressive 107.5 million units, with Kanye West and Drake coming the closest totaling about 50% of Eminem's units.

50 Cent took to Instagram, as he normally does, to congratulate his friend on the honor, captioning an image of the Detroit rapper's "Patiently Waiting" lyrics with, "107.5 million records sold, by himself, only Elvis Presley beating EMINEM #POWER." The photo featured some of Em's most memorable lyrics from the Get Rich or Die Tryin' track, where Fiddy collaborated seamlessly with his "favorite white boy." 

The two have pulled off some impressive feats in their respective careers, with 50 becoming a film and television mogul and successful entrepreneur and Eminem still watching his money grow from his storied music career. They don't appear to be slowing down either, as Eminem dropped Revival in 2017 and 50 continues to work on new ventures. Em's feat is not to be missed, as it marks an important moment in the history of rap as he continues to surpass boundaries in the music industry.