It appears Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks are back on 50 Cent’s bad side again, as the always fickle 50 Cent, who earlier this month hinted at a “strong possibility” of a G-Unit reunion, has now said there will be no such collaboration.

The relationship between Yayo, Banks, and Fif has been well documented, with the G-Unit General not feeling that the others were pulling their own weight, and being tired of doing all of their work for them.   Although he said he was focused on a solo project, as they are on their own, Fifty did say a reunion was possible, but in an interview with Ear Candy Morning on Sirius, has said it was “probably not” a possibility. 

Continuing on, the Street King Immortal rapper referenced the same issues that had been plaguing them from before, “If you have grown men involved in business transactions who are around each other... I've offered everything I could offer to G-Unit.” Talking about what he has done for their careers, he adds, “I allowed them to be in front of an audience the entire time, to develop their own fan base, to recognize their attributes and their defects at that point. What do you do?" 

Finally, the always candid 50 did not mince words, and made the possibility of a reunion seem extremely unlikely, “I don't care what other people want. I give a fuck what they want...A reunion? You can kiss my motherfucking ass as far as that's concerned."