Though 50 Cent may have turned his back on the rainbow-haired scamp he once called "son," it would appear he's already starting to miss the little guy. Tekashi 6ix9ine is currently sitting in general population while he awaits his bail hearing, and 50 is doing his part to keep the DUMMY BOY rapper's memory alive on his Instagram feed. Even when the post in question actually has nothing to do with 6ix9ine; such is the mark of a father in mourning. Case in point, 50 recently took to IG to reflect on the upcoming fight between Adrian Broner and Manny Pacquiao, making sure to slide in a 6ix9ine reference for good measure.

"N***a you better not lose this fight or the FED’s better come get me like they got my son," he writes, alongside a clip of Broner's comedic pre-fight conference. It's no surprise that 50 has come to admire Broner, given their shared propensity for casual trolling. Yet we can't forget that Broner and 6ix9ine previously engaged in a brief feud of sorts, all the way back in March. In any case, 50 Cent is likely placing a respectable bet on Broner to secure the win, lest his very freedom hang in the balance.