The trial of Daniel Hernadez has begun. Not in the literal sense - at least, not yet - but it certainly feels like a pivotal moment in the young rapper's life. For one, 6ix9ine is facing multiple life sentences stemming from at least six federal charges, including weapons and racketeering. Many feel as if the rapper's fate is bleak to say the least. Now, a report from TMZ indicates that 6ix9ine has been placed in the general population of Brooklyn's Metropolitan Detention Center. It should be noted that a CNN report previously described the MDC as "extremely dangerous, violent, or escape-prone," citing the US Justice Department.

Given 6ix9ine's gang affiliation, prosecutors reportedly feared that the rapper's life was in danger; naturally, such threats would carry over to a prison yard, especially one housing dangerous inmates. Yet 6ix9ine's lawyer seems to feel that Hernandez will "be fine," and will only be housed there until his bail hearing on Wednesday. 

While his upcoming Dummy Boy album will likely benefit from a "martyrdom boost," such comforts will do little to aid his family. Least of all his young daughter, who stands at risk of losing her father to a life behind bars. Or worse. We can only hope this saga concludes on a positive note, though perhaps such notions are wishful thinking. Federal charges are a far from a "character-building-L." And now, with reports of 6ix9ine being placed in general population, one has to wonder if his safety is truly at risk. After all, the feds seemed to think so