Like many decisions made while at a club, making it rain can often lead to feelings of regret. Such was reality for 50 Cent, who went viral after taking back his strip-club offerings. Behold the clip here; it's truly impressive how he manages to scoop up an absolutely gargantuan pile of money like a man ridding his lawn of leaves. While the woman working the pole was presumably not amused by his conduct, the entire action is somewhat hilarious to an outsider, especially given 50's penchant for pettiness. Naturally, one can imagine him muttering "get the strap" as he bent to collect his bands. 

It didn't take long for Fifty himself to comment on the debacle, making light of the situation via Instagram. "LOL SEE HOW I GET WHEN THEY START TRYING TO BE CUTE. 😆IM TAKING THE MONEY BACK," writes 50, in the caption. Expanding on the narrative, Akademiks did a bit of comment creepin', sharing further clarification from Fif. "Shorty was mad about something," he writes. "She said some shit I said what wrong with her? Then I just said fuck it I'm taking the money back."

He then proceeds to lay down the classic 50 ruthlessness. "Poor customer service," he writes. "I'm gonna need a refund." As Tony Yayo once said all those years ago, "ha ha ha-ha ha, ha, ha ha ha-ha ha."