50 Cent and the rest of the major players from his upcoming film project, Den of Thieves, stopped by The Breakfast Club radio studios earlier today and, as you might expect, things got more than a little lively. In fact, perhaps the most rollicking part of the interview had nothing to do with the movie - instead, Charlamagne Tha God asked Fif about his recent Diddy meme and why he keeps clowning on the Bad Boy legend.

Short answer is: 50 thinks Diddy is fruity. However, that shouldn't be misconstrued as a homophobic running joke, according to the rapper. "I don't call him gay," he insisted. "Listen, I'm only saying that because of the what's his name interview. When he says things, he doesn't even know what he's saying is like, fruity. He says to Fabolous, 'Me and you, we need to party.' What is you talking about? When people say that to me I get a little uncomfortable."

Fif also recalled a discussion that he and Diddy had once upon a time that further supports this theory about the mogul's mannerisms. "He said something to me a long time ago, at Chris Lighty's wedding," 50 continued. "He told me he'd take me shopping. I looked at him like, 'What'd you just say? Let me move, man, before I do something. You gon' make me mess up the wedding.' No...That's something a guy says to a girl."

The rapper/actor also spoke about working with Gerard Butler, who stars opposite him in the upcoming film, as well as why the former Spartan's performance will be unlike anything audiences have seen from him before. Check out the whole interview below.