The ongoing feud between 50 Cent and NYPD officer Emmanuel Gonzalez continues. After Gonzalez reportedly told officers to "shoot the rapper on sight" during a roll call, Fif has been campaigning to tarnish the officer's name; should Gonzalez indeed have issued such a request, the campaign is fueled on a sound basis. Sadly, however, it would appear the court of public opinion has been left divided, if the article cited on 50's IG is to be believed.

 Graham Denholm/Getty Images

"Community rallies to defend NYPD commanding officer after his dispute with 50 Cent," reads the headline. Is it possible to suggest that 50 is being dubbed a "boy who cried wolf" in this instance? After all, he's been so merciless toward his opponents, responding without remorse to perceived slights and age-old grudges. Yet now, in the midst of a genuinely disturbing and escalating situation, 50 Cent has come to discover his usual tricks have dulled in their efficacy. 

"What dispute, he just told a bunch of Cops at roll call to shoot me on sight," writes the rapper, in an IG statement of sorts. "The 8 Good Cops And a supervisor reported him. Emanuel Gonzalez is a dirty Cop." Of course, that might not be enough to sway the "community" cited by Spectrum news, but it's certainly a start. As of now, Gonzalez has yet to be reprimanded for his conduct. On the contrary, the NYPD has actually openly supported Gonzalez, claiming 50 Cent had issued his own threats.