Those attuned to his general persona can no doubt attest to one simple fact: the idea of 50 Cent sitting in a director's chair is nothing short of terrifying. It was recently revealed that Fif, who formerly portrayed Kanan Stark on Power, would be stepping behind the camera for the show's upcoming sixth season. Now, with filming in process, it would appear that 50 is already bringing his trademark antics to the table. The rapper slash professional troll took to Instagram to share behind the scenes footage, in which his class-clown antics are already in full bloom.

Reputation aside, 50 should be proud. He officially joins the ranks of many television actors who found themselves directing an episode of their show. Fellow club members include David Schwimmer of Friends, Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad, Kelsey Grammar of Frasier, Jensen Ackles of Supernatural, Hugh Laurie of House, Alfonso Ribeiro of Fresh Prince, Zach Braff of Scrubs, and more. Salute to Fif; we look forward to seeing what he has to offer, come Power's return. The slate indicates he'll be directing episode three.