Over the past few months, 50 Cent's been engulfed in a legal battle with HipHopDX. The two of them settled half of their legal drama when Fif accepted a $20K payment after he sued them for using his picture with permission. Now, 50 Cent and HipHopDX have settled the defamation part of the case and Fif has come on top, once again, according to The Blast. DX's parent company, Cheri Media, dismissed their suit against the rapper. 

50 Cent initially sued HipHopDX for using his picture which prompted the website to countersue on defamation claims. They said that 50 Cent ruined their reputation by dubbing them "fake news" after they wrote an article doubting that he actually landed a $1M deal with Bellator for "Get The Strap" which ultimately proved to be true.

During the legal battle, Fif said that the website was threatening his freedom of speech and called the suit "an affront to the fundamental protections to free speech by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution."

He added that is the defamation case continues, it will  “open a floodgate of defamation suits by news organizations against the very subjects of their news reports for simply criticizing or refuting the reports as ‘fake news.'”

50 Cent's $1M deal with Bellator for "Get The Strap" was confirmed in late September. The rapper signed a partnership and licensing deal which includes clothing with Fif's slogan across it.