50 Cent has overcome several giant hurdles over the course of his career - including being shot multiple times and filing for bankruptcy protection - and has come out of those experiences stronger and fiercer than the last time. He now has multiple TV and film projects helping to boost his profile and income, not to mention the millions of dollars he "accidentally" made by accepting Bitcoin payments for albums. So, if you're trying to drag him for his money management, know that he'll have something to say about it.

That's exactly what happened to one Instagram commenter on the above post, where Fif makes a point of saying that the haters actually fuel his inner drive to succeed. "I love when people underestimate me," he wrote in the caption. "By now you should know, I’m not the kinda guy that just go away. I make shit happen, I’m the plug." Serious words that should've been taken to heart by at least one person who tried to drag him.

When a follower brought up the fact that 50 had indeed filed for bankruptcy back in 2015, the rapper wasn't shy about clapping back in his typical trolling style. "Oh you know I'm broke, when I need to be," he retorted. "S**t ask me for some money and I ain't got it smh [...] nope. I don't where it went." It's worth noting that he reached a payout agreement in his bankruptcy case back in 2016.

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