Earlier this year, 50 Centtook Sleek Audio to court over a $261,000 debt he claimed the company owed him. The case ended up going to arbritration, a process in which an arbitrator makes the call between the two parties.

Ultimately, Sleek was chosen over Fif, but the rapper is unhappy with the results-- namely because he feels they were the result of racism.

50 is filing for a suit in federal court, as he argues that the arbitration judge was unfair to him because he is black, is affiliated with controversial black figures, and is a successful rapper.

According to Fif, the judge would not even allow him to cross-examine witnesses, or put forth relevant evidence on account of the racial bias.

Curtis wants a new hearing, where he will attempt to prove that the judge was unjust.

Sleek claims that the rapper is making excuses for his loss, and desperately attempting to get the case brought before federal court.