Talk about partying like it's your birthday.

50 Cent, rapper and now TV producer extraordinaire, took some time out of his busy schedule to hit up the strip club with comedian Michael Blackson, a man who was most recently seen looking more than a little scared in a Tyrese kidnapping video (turns out it was staged, but still). Together, the two apparently made quite the pair, as the dollar bills were supposedly flying out of their pockets all night.

Fif couldn't contain his enthusiasm while posting a short video clip of their night out on Instagram. "We had a ball last night," he said. "My man Michael Blackson was blowing a bag." In the footage, Blackson, who is wearing a slick-looking blazer, looks wide-eyed at his phone before getting hit with a pile of money in the face and cracking up. As per the PA announcer, at least some of the New York Jets football squad were in the building as well.

Blackson posted the same video on his Instagram profile as well, captioning it with, "Last night was epic, I went in there with $10,000 left out with $10,045. Thanks my neega @50cent." Looks like the man who brought the world music videos like "Candy Shop" spared no expense in making this club out a memorable one for all involved.

50 Cent is also apparently burying the hatchet with his son Sire, with the two of them being photographed taking a helicopter ride together. There's no indication as to what may have been said between the two, but the expression of levity on both their faces suggests that the outing was at least cordial. You check out all those details here.