As the holidays approach, rappers and entertainers are chilling out a bit more and spending more time with their family. One in particular is arguably one of the most busiest entertainers on the globe, 50 Cent. His young son, Sire, recently flew into NYC to visit his pops for the holidays. As they do some ol' fashion father-son bonding, they apparently had some sort of "beef" last night. Thankfully, the two have squashed it and in return, 50 took his son for a ride in a chopper.

50 Cent hit Instagram to let the fans know that the "beef" he and sire had last night is officially null. The mogul posted a video where he and his son were chillin' in a car before he put the selfie cam all up in Sire's face. "I'm chillin' with my baby. Look, look. Sire, we still got beef from last night," Fif says. His son, who seems focused on his phone or iPad, simply shakes his head and confirms to his dad that there is no longer any tension. Fif captioned the video, "We had a little fall out last night but we good now."

In an attempt to make amends, 50 took his son on a ride on a helicopter to show him a view of New York City. Speaking on speculation, maybe his son was upset because Fif bribed his son into giving him a back massage in exchange for his Christmas presents. Either way, 50 Cent seems to be going all out for his son this holiday season and even had his son draped up in a massive fur coat.

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