If you're a fan of Houston rap, you're likely familiar with the Sauce Twinz, the duo of Sauce Walka and Sancho Saucey. They differ from the classic DJ Screw sound that has stayed in Houston hip-hop through artists like Slim Thug and Paul Wall, though certain elements and lingo from the mid-'90s scene can still be found throughout the Twinz' music. They take influence from the zealous trap sound of Atlanta, and their rampant ad-libbing has earned them comparisons to Migos. Their ad-libs, and their constant back and forths, are, somehow, even more exuberant than those of the Atlanta trio. 

The "sauce" defines and lives through everything that they do. There likely never will be an exact definition of "sauce" -- it's perhaps somewhat interchangeable for "swag," but the movement is clearly embedding itself into the Houston culture and The Sauce Factory is producing some of the city's most original and vibrant voices. 

Most of the attention surrounding the Twinz in the near future will likely deal with their beef with Drake, and the collab/potential diss track that they have coming with Meek Mill. Before you get sucked into the controversy, though, here's a little introduction: 5 things to know about the Sauce Twinz.