Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo has been a divisive album from the jump, but it’s rare that an album elicits a class action lawsuit against the creator. Last year, fans banded together to sue Kanye West and Tidal on the basis that West “conned” them into believing The Life Of Pablo would be exclusively available through Tidal. However, the album was also available on basically every other streaming service, which led to many newfound Tidal members feeling slighted.

According to TMZ, Kanye has recently struck back against the claims, reinforcing the idea that Pablo is a “living breathing changing creative expression.” Therefore, the new versions are distinctly different from the original, which has only been accessible on Tidal. Despite alleged tweets that Pablo would never appear on Apple Music, Kanye feels as if the loophole is enough to get him off the hook.

Due to the evolving nature of Pablo’s artistic scope, Kanye feels as if the project is exempt from such a rigid lawsuit.