Q-Tip Announces Lil Wayne's Induction To The Zulu Nation

Lil Wayne has joined the Zulu Nation, according to Q-Tip.

BYTrevor Smith
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The Universal Zulu Nation is an organization created by proto-hip hop icon Afrika Bambaaataa, aiming to use the genre to spread awareness of social and political issues. Many rappers have adopted the cause since its inception in the 70s, with Rakim, KRS-One, Public Enemy, Ice Cube, and De La Soul identifying as members.

On of the most vocal participants has been Q-Tip, who has been planning to release a studio album titled The Last Zulu for a few years now. It seems Tip may be responsible for the group's most recent high profile recruit, taking to Twitter this week to announce Lil Wayne as an official Zulu representative. 

No details of Wayne's new cause are known outside of Q's message, but we do know some of his best work has been inspired by political issues. You can view Q-Tip's tweets below.

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