The Treehouse of Horror is an annual compilation special where The Simpsons do what the show does best: mock pop culture while keeping the theme “spooky” in honor of Halloween. A clip from the upcoming production shows a much differently animated Lisa Simpson receiving the powerful “Death Tome.” While the clip is short, it clearly conveys what fans can expect come October 30th.

The special is animated by the South Korean studio, DR Movie, which is a group of animators who helped with the original Japanese version of Death Note. The teaser itself is filled with Easter eggs and cameos from the original Simpsons cast, including authentically drawn versions of Disco Stu and Ned Flanders.

Three images have also been released alongside the short snippet. One highlights the newly animated versions of Homer and Marge. Simpsons writer, Caroline Omine, further invited fans to join her while she live-tweets during the episode’s debut.

“Attention Freeze-Framers! We see you! We love you! This year’s Treehouse of Horror is filled with Easter Eggs! I’ll tell you all about them when I live-tweet the East Coast and West Coast screenings of #THOHXXXIII this Sunday,” Omine tweeted to her followers.

Aside from what has been shared, there aren’t any further details regarding this special. That said, fans were quick to notice that the preview already looks more accurate to the anime and manga than what the live-action Netflix version portrayed back in 2017.

It seems like Death Note is getting a lot of attention lately. Earlier this year, the Duffer brothers announced their plan to take the manga back to the big screen with a live-action series planned in collaboration with Netflix.

While Netflix doesn’t have the best track record with this particular anime, the Duffer brothers might just be the perfect pair for the job. Most well-known for their colossally successful TV series Stranger Things, the director duo might know just what they need to do to pull an ambitious project like this off.

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Check out the teasers below.