Saucy Santana and Lil Nas Xare undoubtedly two of the most prominent LGBTQ+ members in the music industry. They have always been vocal about their life choices and work hard to pave the way for others. So, when they collaborated on their song “DOWN SOUF HOES,” their community was in an uproar.

While they never officially released their single, that has not stopped them from performing it. During Nas’ “Long Live Montero Tour,” Santana surprised his fans by joining him on stage.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Wearing a shiny, hot pink conductor’s outfit, the “Walk” rapper spat his lyrics into the mic. Simultaneously, he strutted across to stage, stopping directly in front of Nas. Without thinking twice, he began twerking, rendering an explosion from the concertgoers.

Lil Nas X kept the same energy as he nodded his head to Santana’s bounces and slapped his rear end occasionally.

Santana shared the clip with his 1.1 million Instagram followers and wrote, “Nah… me & Nas ATE DAT.”

Santana’s twerking wasn’t the only attention the “Old Town Road” artist got, though. Lil Nas X also bragged about well-known comedian and actor Will Ferrell coming to see his performance.

He posted a picture of them together and wrote, “WILL FERRELL CAME TO MY FUCKIN CONCERT ! nobody can tell me shit.” Noticing they stood side by side, a fan asked Nas where Will’s hand was, to which he trolled, “he couldn’t resist getting a good hand full of this big fat ass. and i couldn’t say no tbh.”