The public doesn’t usually go at DDG, but when he had a sarcastic response to the racism his girlfriend Halle Bailey was enduring, he found himself on the receiving end of criticism. While discussing the controversy with Bootleg Kev last month, DDG said, “I didn’t know people was this racist. I didn’t know this… I thought this sh*t was gone already. I thought this sh*t was gone. I thought Martin Luther King canceled this sh*t out… This sh*t is crazy.”

Almost immediately, people believed that he was being serious and it became another short-lived viral moment for the rapper. Comedian and actress Amanda Seales even made a video about DDG’s comments, telling Halle Bailey that she should dump her boyfriend.

(Photo by Marc Piasecki/Getty Images For Roger Vivier)

In an interview with VladTV, DDG addressed the reactions and questioned why Seales cared enough to make comments about his relationship.

“I was saying it in a way of exaggeration, like, ‘Damn, n*ggas still racist like this, like what the f*ck? Crazy.’ Like just trying to spread light on the situation. Wasn’t joking about MLK obviously, I’m Black, like, what the f*ck? Sh*t’s weird.”

“I’m like, bro, y’all n*ggas don’t even know me. Y’all just tryin’ to just flip sh*t. Why? ‘Cause what? ‘Cause I’m datin’ somebody that’s innocent? I’m innocent, too! What the f*ck! I’m just kickin’ it.”

“How old is she?” he said about Seales. “Why would you even be speaking on a young relationship like that. The sh*t is like—” DDG said before being interrupted and told that Seales is 41. “What the f*ck? Who—at your big age? That’s how you talkin’? About a 24-year-old and a 22-year-old datin’?”

“I get it, but it was still lame. Sh*t was corny as hell.” The host agreed with him and said people shouldn’t speak about others’ relationships.

Check out more from DDG as he assesses the backlash to his MLK remarks below.