Delonte West has had some unfortunate struggles since walking away from the game of basketball. Over the years, videos of him have surfaced on social media, and they typically include him living on the streets while asking people for money. He has dealt with mental health and addiction problems, ultimately leading him down this path.

At times, West has been given a path to recovery. For instance, Mark Cuban once paid for West’s rehab which eventually led to a job with the facility. Unfortunately, West has fallen on hard times again and it has been difficult for him to get back to a healthy regimen.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

While speaking to TMZ recently, Cuban gave an update on West that is sad, to say the least. As Cuban explains, West is still having issues right now and that addiction isn’t something that can be overcome overnight.

“It’s a struggle for him,” Cuban said. “I mean, addiction is awful. And mental illness is awful. He’s at the point in his life where he’s got to want to be helped. You know, he’s got to want to help himself first. I’ve tried. I know it’s tough on him, but I wish him nothing but the best.”

Hopefully, West can get the help that he needs, as you never want to see someone struggle to such a degree. His public battle with mental illness has been tough to watch, and we wish him the best.