21 Savage Confronts Wack 100 On Clubhouse

Wack accused 21 Savage of being an informant in the YSL RICO case.

BYLawrencia Grose
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21 Savage, Atlanta, Georgia

Last week, Wack 100 hopped on Clubhouse, the social audio app, and got some things off his chest. He alleged that rapper, 21 Savage, was to blame for the artists in Atlanta getting sent to jail.

He used 21's nationality for snitching, saying, "21 Savage, I think he's telling to try to keep his citizenship, because what happened to the citizenship case-- it just went away," Wack asked his listeners.

Not only did he call him a snitch, but Wack also claimed that he would "slap the sh*t out of that n*gga," citing that his face tattoos don't make him tough.

Wack could talk freely for a while, but yesterday (October 1), 21 Savage beat him at his own game. The "Bank Account" artist joined Wack's Clubhouse room and confronted him about his allegations.

"I done seen you go through real life sh*t on the internet... and I don't speak on it. I don't make fun of it; I don't speculate about it. Just give me the same respect, gang," 21 said.

Further into their dispute, 21, born Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, reiterated that he had never made anything up about Wack, to which he responded, "I ain't made sh*t up either." Confused by his remark, 21 replied, "Man, you calling me an informant n*gga."

Backing up his claims, Wack said, "A [district attorney] in Atlanta said it's a well-known rapper who's telling. You've got a threat of getting sent out the country because you ain't a real citizen... we're trying to figure it out."

After bickering back and forth and never reaching common ground, 21 left the chat, saying, "You're trying to use me for content; I'm gone."

Listen to the audio below.

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