Lil Zay Osama Arrested After Leaving Gun In An Uber: Report

The driver called the police after finding the firearm after dropping the rapper off.

BYErika Marie
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This is an unfortunate turn of events for Lil Zay Osama. As the industry descends on Atlanta for the BET Hip Hop Awards, Zay was in Queens, New York, catching an Uber on what was expected to be a problem-free day. However, the rapper found himself arrested—and not only that, he reportedly was on Livestream when approached by the police.

According to the New York Post, Lil Zay Osama and "several associates" were passengers in a Uber ride that reportedly traveled from a hotel to a recording studio.

During the ride, the driver was said to have seen Zay handling a firearm, and when the rapper got out of the vehicle, he reportedly left "a .40 caliber Glock" behind.

The driver called the police and gave the names of the passengers, resulting in the authorities learning that Lil Zay Osama had a previous weapons conviction, among other charges on his record. The firearm was tested and it showed that the gun was modified to fire "more than one round with a single trigger pull."

A round was reportedly in the chamber and nine others in the magazine. Investigators alleged that the firearm functioned much like a machine gun.

“The defendant — a convicted felon —carried a loaded pistol affixed with a switch device, rendering the gun to be a machine gun,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Rebecca Schuman. “The defendant poses a danger to the community based on his

Lil Zay Osama has been charged with possession of a machine gun and being a felon in possession of a firearm.


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