"Top Gun: Maverick" Beats "Infinity War" For #6 All-Time Highest Grossing Box Office

"Top Gun" is just getting bigger and bigger.

BYRex Provost
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Not even all six Infinity Stones stand a chance against the star power of Tom Cruise. Top Gun: Maverick, which sees Cruise reprising his 1986 role as a fighter pilot, has been a runaway success. People have been turning out in droves to see the film– it even brought Kanye West out for a date night at the movies.

Top Gun: Maverick has been ascending the all-time box office rankings all summer, and now it has done the unthinkable. The Cruise vehicle has toppled the Marvel blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War, taking its place at #6 for highest domestic grossing film of all time.

Maverick's domestic totals have reached $679 million, just barely beating out Infinity War, which sits at $678 million. Maverick has been taking down some huge movies. Just a couple weeks ago, the film overtook Titanic for the #7 spot. James Cameron probably isn't losing sleep however; his Avatar is sitting comfortably at #4, and is the highest worldwide grossing film of all time.

If Maverick can crack the $700 million mark, it will take the #5 slot, which is currently occupied by another Marvel film, Black Panther. It's still a ways away, but analysts seem to think the film might have the power to do it, as it seems like it won't be leaving theaters any time soon.

The only catch: Black Panther might see a jump in sales as its sequel is set to be released in the fall. Many are expecting Disney to put the original film back in theaters in order to promote interest in Wakanda Forever, which will certainly solidify its standings on the all-time box office list.


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