A flurry of information is being shared online following a gruesome video going viral. There have been ongoing reports about rappers and celebrities being targeted in major cities, especially Atlanta and Los Angeles. Officers in both cities have issued statements about the influx of crimes against people in the entertainment industry, specifically artists and athletes. 

We’ve reported on the famous becoming victims of home invasions—some even losing their lives—and there have been reports of people being attacked in the streets in broad daylight. Little information about this case is known at this time, but it has been reported by several sources that PNB Rock has been shot in Los Angeles earlier today (September 12).

PNB Rock Allegedly Shot In Los Angeles: Report
Ser Baffo / Stringer / Getty Images

Social media users found that the rapper’s girlfriend allegedly posted that they were at the famous Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, and later, a video surfaced showing a man in the restaurant laying face down in blood. He is seen being attended to by either patrons or workers as he slowly attempted to move. 

Reporter Doc Louallen tweeted:

“Philadelphia rapper PNB Rock was just shot in Los Angeles California. The video on Twitter is too gruesome to post. He has been transported to a nearby hospital. Let’s pray he survives [praying hands emoji]. Please nobody post the video in this comment section. It is highly disrespectful.”

PNB Rock’s team has yet to confirm the news or release a statement. We join others in hoping for a speedy recovery, if true, and will not be sharing the aftermath video here. As always, it can easily be found if you are so inclined.

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