Janet Jackson Trends Over Her Throwback Dance Routine

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Singer Janet Jackson attends her residency debut "Metamorphosis"
Numerous musicians have incorporated Janet's chair routine into their music videos.

Janet Jackson is more than a household name. She's an icon that's multifaceted in the entertainment industry. She's an actress, a singer, a dancer-- and now, she's trending.

Social media users are reminiscing about one of Janet's most popular dance routines. The visuals to her single,"Miss You So Much," were released in 1989, but the moves have been recycled for years. In the black and white video, which sits at 11 million views on YouTube, Janet straddles a chair and uses it as a prop to deliver a legendary act.

Janet Jackson Trends Over Her Throwback Dance Routine
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Since then, a plethora of artists have mimicked her performance in videos of their own. She's influenced singers like Beyonce, Britney Spears, Teyana Taylor, Usher, and others to use a chair when creating their visuals.

Now that everyone is revisiting the video online, it seems Janet has gotten her flowers. Users are now posting content about the now 55-year-old songstress across various social media platforms. They have admired her beauty, compared her many bodies of work, posted her old acting scenes, and uploaded some of her past performances. 

Speaking of the past, at the end of January, a four-part documentary series about the "Nasty" singer's life aired on Sky Documentaries and Now TV. The show not only highlighted her success as an entertainer, but it also went through the many battles Janet dealt with in private while being a public figure. 

Check out what social media is saying about the superstar down below.

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