A new music-centered comedy is reportedly in the works over at Universal Pictures and it boasts Will Packer at the helm. The praised filmmaker has given us films including Think Like a Man and Girls Trip, and according to a new report by Deadline, Packer is leading the way for Praise This. The star-studded film is in the beginning stages so there isn’t much that has been shared, but the cast list looks to be one that will bring in fans.

Praise This has been described as a “music-competition feature comedy set in the world of youth choirs,” and it is reportedly slated to arrive in 2023 via Peacock.

<a href="/profile/quavo" class="text-word" target="_blank" >Quavo</a>, Chlöe, & Druski To Star In Will Packer Production "Praise This": Report
Aaron J. Thornton / Stringer / Getty Images

Chlöe Bailey, Quavo, Druski, and Tristan “Mack” Wilds have reportedly been cast in the film, along with Anjelika Washington, Jekalyn Carr, Kiara Iman Heffner, Cocoa Brown, Loren Lott, and more. The first announcement about this release was back in April, but this update suggests that they’ve completed casting.

In related news, recently, Druski and Chlöe have been popping up on social media together in funny posts and this film may be why the comedian and singer are linking up. Another moment involving these two went viral today (July 8) after they were seen on Livestream together. The clip showed Chlöe playfully flexing her off-key vocals before Druski shuts it down and boots her off of the Live.

It was all in good fun and they were obviously joking with one another, so have a chuckle and check it out for yourself below.