Taina & G Herbo Share Pictures Of Their Newborn Baby Girl

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G Herbo and Taina Williams backstage during G Herbo In Concert
The parents shared photos of their baby girl with their millions of followers.

Last month, on May 17, G Herbo and Taina Williams welcomed their second child together. The couple already has a one-year-old old son by the name of Essex, and Herb, whose real name is Herbert Randall Wright III, is the father to a four-year-old boy who goes by Yosohn.

Just a couple of days after Taina gave birth, the parents posted on IG and revealed their child's name along with her weight and length. They shared it onto Instagram and said, "Emmy Love Wright. May 17, 2022. 7 lbs 5 oz. 19.5 inc."

It's been a few weeks since baby Emmy was delivered, and Herbo and Taina have decided to let the world see their bundle of joy. They both shared pictures of their newborn from a photoshoot. In the images, Emmy is swaddled up in a pink blanket while sleeping in a wooden basket. Atop her head is a flower crown and she held onto a small teddy bear.

Taina captioned her post, "My Emmy Love [white heart emoji."

Herb posted similar photos, except his featured their oldest son, Essex. He sat behind his sister and smiled while holding his hand in his mouth. The Chicago rapper wrote, "ALL IM MISSING IS MY FIRST HEART [red heart emoji." This is in reference to his oldest child, Yosohn, whose mother is Ari Fletcher, not being present in any of the photos.


Several celebrities have flooded their comments in awe of their precious baby girl. Of those who commented were people like Lori Harvey, Reginae Carter, Bankroll Freddie, and others.

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