Blac Youngsta Saga Concludes After Rapper Proves Wells Fargo Was Lying

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Protesters in San Francisco, 2012.
Wells Fargo needs to get their shit together.

Looks like we finally get to close the book on the convoluted saga between Yo Gotti signee Blac Youngsta and Wells Fargo.

To recap, the rapper was roughly arrested in Atlanta after he cashed a check for $200,000, with plans to buy a car. Youngsta was exonerated after Wells Fargo revealed they had made a police report about a fraudulent check, but Blac Youngsta, real name Sam Benson, was not the suspect in question. Wells Fargo went further in an effort to distance themselves from incident, stating that Benson doesn't have an account with Wells Fargo and had not even been in a Wells Fargo that day.

Blac Youngsta disputed Wells Fargo’s statements late yesterday, and we have some pretty concrete evidence the bank did not have their facts straight. Insultingly, it seems Wells Fargo did have an account in Blac Youngsta's name, but is closing the account due to a vaguely-worded and extremely suspect “business decision.” As expected, Benson didn’t take kindly to the bank trying to erase his existence quietly, so he posted this photo showing a letter he received in the mail from Wells Fargo, proving he does (or did) in fact have an account with them. 


Youngsta was long ago cleared of any legal infractions, but clearly still feels the effect on his pride from the frustrating events and continuous mischaracterization of events by Wells Fargo. His revenge? Pulling a Lebron and taking his talents to Bank of America (all posted on Instagram, of course). Moral of the story? Cash is not always king when it comes to buying things, whether or not you “believe in checks.” 


Blac Youngsta Saga Concludes After Rapper Proves Wells Fargo Was Lying
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