From his unprecedented Bitcoin deal to his consistent stream of music, Money Man is actively making plays each day. The rapper has tons of music that he’s released over the years, though you can’t always find it on DSPs. His YouTube page is a goldmine for demos, freestyles, and loose records that don’t land on albums.

On Wednesday, the rapper unloaded a new song for his fans titled, “Double Back,” which is exclusively available on his YouTube channel. It’s a different direction for Money Man, diving into a bubblier, poppy sound without losing the grit and the undertones of the hustle that makes his music stand out in the first place.

Check out the latest from Money Man below and sound off with your thoughts in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics
Everybody ain’t going
I rather die than let you take from me
They like, hurry, drop a tape, Money
Scared money don’t make money