Roddy Ricch Hypes Up "Feed The Streets 3"

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Roddy says that the third instalment of the new mixtape sounds "beautiful."

Roddy Ricch released Live Life Fast in late 2021 which many listeners generally deemed a letdown. Roddy addressed the reaction to LLF by swiftly announcing the third rendition of his fan-favorite Feed Tha Streetz mixtapes was set to release in 2022. He tweeted, “FTS 3 comin 2022, u n***as playin wit my top.”

Since then, Roddy has previewed tracks that are assumed to be on the upcoming mixtape but even some of those have received negative reactions from listeners, so we'll have to see where things go from here. Nonetheless, Roddy is not letting any of this set him back, as he took to his Instagram to hype up the third instalment of the project once again.

“This shit sound beautiful. Feed Tha Streets 3,” he wrote.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

While we wait for new music from FTS 3, we’ve been treated to Roddy’s feature on Post Malone’s new album, Twelve Carat Toothache. Malone recently spoke about his collaboration with Roddy saying, "He's just such an incredible man and just a natural performer and vocalist and lyricist, and he just gets after it, and it's so cool. Dude, and just to watch him grow. And he's such a beautiful, beautiful man. And so talented, man. I'm so pumped." 

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