Supa Peach Rants About Old Beef With Latto: "She Not The Only B*tch I Dont Beat DF Up"

Six years ago while on Jermaine Dupri's "The Rap Game," the young aspiring artists were at odds.

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It has been six years since The Rap Game first aired on Lifetime, but somehow, Instagram users are being reminded of the show's teen beefs. In the first season, the world was introduced to Miss Mulatto, a 16-year-old rapper from Georgia who would go on to win the series. This young artist, of course, changed her name to Latto and now, she's an international superstar who continues to climb up the Rap charts. 

Another contestant alongside Latto on The Rap Game was Supa Peach, and the ladies didn't always see eye to eye. On Supa Peach's TikTok, someone commented, "Didn't Latto end [your] career," and the rapper issued a video reply where she claimed things came to blows.

"It was six years ago, y'all keep bringing the old drama," she said. "I want y'all to know that please, she's not the only girl that I done beefed with, she ain't the only girl that I done put an ass whoopin' on... Just let it go. Please. We done let it go, so why y'all can't let it go. It's so annoying. And another thing, y'all always saying that I'm mad that I didn't get signed...we all got the same contract. It's just a TV fake show... Jermaine Dupri gave us all the same contract. I didn't want to sign and she didn't even want to sign."

After the clip was reposted on Instagram, Supa PEach returned to double down on her comments about fighting Latto.

"LIKE I SAID , SHE NOT THE ONLY B*TCH ... I DONE BEAT DF UP [double red exclamation point emojis] ION THROW SHADE , I SPEAK FACTS !!!!!!! SO WHEN I SPEAK , stop saying it's about her ... YALL ALWAYS TRYNA MAKE SOME NEGATIVE, if anything this growth for me [three 100 emojis] ! #RealSh*t."

"WE IN TWO DIFFERENT LANES , DF I LOOK LIKE WORRIED ? I DON'T EVEN MAKE THE SAME TYPE OF MUSIC ...AS HER ...WEIRDOS [face palm emoji]." But wait, there's more. Check it out below.

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