It feels like the hip-hop media landscape has been dominated by Birdman for the last few days, following his recent interview on the Big Facts Podcast. The Cash Money Records great dropped plenty of gems during the podcast, including anecdotes about how he handed over nearly $1.5 billion to Lil Wayne, Drake, and Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne only being suitable to battle himself on Verzuz, nearly signing Kanye West as a producer, and much more. Now, let’s dive into the claims he made about being more accomplished than just about everybody, including JAY-Z and Diddy.

As you surely know, JAY-Z and Diddy are two of the most prolific and financially wealthy people to come out of hip-hop. They’re some of the most accomplished artists and businessmen in music history, but Birdman says he’s done more than them. During his interview with Big Facts, he spoke about how he’s done more for music than they have, intending no disrespect whatsoever.

Birdman Says He Accomplished More Than JAY-Z & Diddy
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“As a man, I accomplished more than all of them. And I don’t say that in a disrespectful way, I’m not trying to be disrespectful,” said Birdman. “But the reality of it is, none of these dudes accomplished more than me in the music business. Not one of them, I don’t care what name you say, accomplished more than me. That’s facts. No if, and, or buts about it.”

When the interviewer mentioned Puff Daddy, Birdman gave him his props, but maintained his opinion that he’s accomplished more.

Birdman Says He Accomplished More Than JAY-Z & Diddy
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“Man, he’s one of the n***as that turned me up,” said Birdman about Diddy. “And I’ll never say anything negative about Puff. I’m not gonna deprive that he [put a lot of people on]. But I don’t think they did more than me. And you can ask him yourself, he’ll vouch for it. You can ask JAY-Z himself, he’ll vouch for it. They ain’t accomplished more than me in this music business and that’s facts. Yeah, I did that. Big bank, big boy. I did that, brother, no cap.”

You’ve got to love Birdman’s confidence. Check out this clip from his interview below, and be sure to watch the entire thing underneath.