42 Dugg & EST Gee Link For Joint Project "Last Ones Left"

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The CMG artists go hard for the Detroit and Lousiville, respectively, streets that helped raise them.

Yo Gotti is making sure his artists receive their deserved shine and he's partnering them up on a new collaborative project. CMG's 42 Dugg and EST Gee have collided on their joint record where they also host several of their peers and crew members. Detroit and Louisville come together on Last Ones Left and the two artists blend well on the 17-track effort.

We've already received singles like "Free The Shiners" and "Thump Sh*t," but that was just the tip of the iceberg for Gee and Dugg. On the record, the rappers are joined by artists like BIG30, Tae Money, 42 Cheez, EST Zo, EST Red, EST DeMike, and REAPER to help round things out. Stream Last Ones Left and let us know what you think of Gee and Dugg coming together for a full project.


1. Ice Track
2. Thump Sh*t
3. I Never Judged You
4. Spin
5. Skcretch Sum
6. Free The Shiners
7. All 100s
8. Whole Gang Buss - 42 Dugg ft. 42 Cheez, REAPER, Tae Money
9. Free Zoski - EST Gee ft. BIG30, EST Zo
10. Can't Be F****d With
11. My Yungin
12. Everybody Shooters Too
13. Who Hotter Than Gee - EST Gee
14. Of Course ft. Tea Money - 42 Dugg
15. Never Scared - EST DeMike ft. EST Gee
16. Strictly For The Gangstas - EST Red
17. Gave It Back ft. Tae Money

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