DreamDoll Rejects Kodak Black's Advances, He Snaps Back

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DreamDoll, Kodak Black
After shooting his shot on Valentine's Day, DreamDoll made it clear that she isn't interested in the Florida rapper.

He has often spoken out about his crush on DreamDoll, but a public rejection has made Kodak Black peeved. It's Valentine's Day, so obviously timelines are flooded with lovey dovey posts as couples bask in the glow of love, but Kodak chose to one again make a public plea for DreamDoll's affections. The Florida rapper shared images of the two of them together as they looked like they were enjoying one another's company. In the caption, Kodak made his intentions clear.

"I'll Tie Yo Shoes & Open Yo Doors [smiling emoji with hearts]," he wrote. "I Wanna Show You Sh*t I Ain't Shown Before !!!"

He continued, "I Wanna Hold Yo Hand , B Yo Friend B4 Yo Man [purple devil emoji] I Wanna Tell You Sh*t I Ain't Never Said #HeartBreakKodak #ValentineMassacre #HBK." It didn't take long for the rapper's fans to begin encouraging his crush on DreamDoll, but she swiftly shut down those dreams.

"YALL NEED TO STOP GASSING THIS N*GGA THIS IS BTS FROM OUR VIDEO SHOOT [crying laughing emojis]," DreamDoll wrote, clarifying the context of the images. "YOU WILL NEVER BE MY MAN KODAK PLEASE STOP." After learning on DreamDoll's rejection, Kodak hopped on Instagram Live to speak about "hoes" acting as if "they over you" just because they "got a few more dollars."

It doesn't seem that Kodak was happy with the public rejection. Check it out below.

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