The Ying Yang Twins Explain Origins Of "Haaan" Ad-Lib, Refute French Montana As Inventor

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The Ying Yang Twins say the "Haaan" ad-lib came from their father, and speak on French Montana's history with the ad-lib.

The Ying Yang Twins continue to venture down memory lane, thanks to an interview with VladTV. We already heard from them two weeks back, when they spoke on an infamous/alleged phone call from Jay-Z, where the rapper told them they were "f*cking up" his money due to their sheer popularity at the time.

Now, they've returned to ruffle a few more feathers with their stories. In the latest video segment from their VladTV interview, the duo reflects on French Montana's "Haaan" ad-lib, and they recall the time they called him out for stealing it. As they claim, it was actually their father who invented it.

"Listen, the saying came from my daddy man, at a time when he was in a bad space in his life, so we came up with that saying," Kaine explains, while D-Roc echoes him in agreement. Kaine continued to explain how even New Yorkers vouched for them, thus taking away French's credibility with the turn-of-phrase. "Now, not saying whatever French Montana said about why they said it ain't true. It's the fact that when we got to New York, the New Yorkians said, 'fuck that shit French Montana talking about, that "Haaan" shit came from y'all.' D-Roc even went in the buildingwith 50 Cent up there, and 50 Cent came out of that meeting and addressed D-Roc and said, 'this where that "Haaan" shit came from.'"

The Ying Yang Twins Explain Origins Of "Haaan" Ad-Lib, Refute French Montana As Inventor
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Kaine went on to say that they might not have known about copyright back then, but "we know the truth about what we done. Even though we didn't copyright "Haaan" and all that, that still don't take away that we originate it." 

He went on to reveal that they did have a call with French Montana once concerning the dispute, and explained that, in their eyes, the slang was passed down from their father. 

What do you make of this? Check out the interview clip below.

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