Yung Bleu Accuses Georgia Cops, Business Of Racial Profiling As He Shops For Tour

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Yung Bleu
Bleu was out looking for trailers for his Moon Boy Tour and a business called the police on him. Fans quickly plummeted the business's ratings online.

It was a confrontational weekend for at least two rappers who had unfortunate run-ins with the law. We already reported on Drakeo The Ruler getting arrested after his Uber was pulled over for having windows that were tinted too dark, and Yung Bleu faced off with police, as well, in Georgia. The singer has been preparing for his Moon Boy Tour that kicks off in just a few days, and while looking for trailers, Bleu claims he was racially profiled in Gainesville.

In two videos he shared on social media, Yung Bleu states that he was at Absolute Trailers inquiring about their products when employees called the police on him.

Bleu says that the officer turned on her lights while in front of his vehicle, but she later claimed that she stopped him because he had obstructed tags—something you could only see while behind the car. The Absolute Trailers employees allegedly told the Alabama artist that they had trouble with a customer last week and were being cautious. Bleu accused them of racial profiling.

In the caption, he added:

THESE GAINESVILLE, Ga POLICE OFFICERS are racially profiling us ! They approached me and my team for absolutely nothing trying to buy a trailer for my tour at (Absolute Trailers) the owner was a old white guy who called the police talking about they suspect fraud ! I was just trying to buy a trailer ! The first officers walk up with hands on guns . damn near drawn on us saying “What y’all doing here” ...We have a brief back n forth and then As I leave the cop is sitting in the middle of the highway waiting on us . They trap and get get behind me ! say my tag is obstructed but she clearly had her lights on way before she saw the back of my car ! 5 cars have pulled up on us since then ! Saying we do fraud and all type of lies ! I HAVE MORE VIDEO BUT I will use only as evidence . We did nothing wrong !

Swipe below to watch Bleu explain himself.

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