Followers of 50 Cent and Diddy on Instagram know that they are currently embroiled in a bitter vodka war, with 50’s Effen vodka dueling it out against Diddy’s Ciroc. Recently things have escalated, with 50 using the hashtag #nopuffyjuice to encourage his fans to boycott Ciroc.

Now French Montana has entered the fray and aligned himself firmly in the camp of Puff “Ciroc Obama” Daddy. 

It all started when DJ Spinking posted a video of French making some sarcastic remarks regarding Effen. “Shout out to Effen vodka,” he said. “That shit kind of watered down, but I love it.” Six hours later, 50 reposted the video and implied that that French’s IG stunt was the brainchild of Diddy, French’s boss at Bad Boy Records.

This seemed to strike a nerve with French, who doubled down by posting a video of him dumping a box of unopened Effen bottles in the garbage, proclaiming, “This what I feel about your bullshit.”

50 fired back with another video of his own and the ball is now in French’s court. See the entire exchange below.

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French Montana Enters Fray In 50 Cent Vs. Diddy Vodka War