Bella Hadid Admits To "Breakdowns & Burnouts," Posts Photos Of Herself Crying

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Bella Hadid
The model offered sage advice for people who are feeling rundown and struggling. "Social media is not real," Hadid wrote.

Their family is known to keep their personal affairs and emotions to themselves, but Bella Hadid has broken the mold with a recent social media post. The model is sister to Gigi Hadid who has been reportedly going through a breakup with Zayn Malik following an alleged physical altercation with her mother. The family has been hush-hush regarding the details involving their family fracas, but Bella surfaced online where she shared photos of herself crying.

In the caption, after complimenting Willow Smith for being open about her insecurities and anxieties, Hadid followed in her friend's footsteps and did the same in a lengthy post.

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"Social media is not real. For anyone struggling , please remember that," she wrote. "Sometimes all you've gotta hear is that you're not alone. So from me to you, you're not alone. I love you, I see you, and I hear you. Self help and mental illness/chemical imbalance is not linear and it is almost like a flowing rollercoaster of obstacles... it has its ups and downs , and side to sides."

Hadid told the public that "there is always a light at the end of the tunnel" and admitted that she struggles with recognizing that in the midst of her issues. "I've had enough breakdowns and burnouts to know this: if you work hard enough on yourself, spending time alone to understand your traumas , triggers, joys, and routine, you will always be able to understand or learn about your own pain and how to handle it." 

Read through Hadid's emotional post below.

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