Lauren London Reveals "Forever Stronger" Puma Collection: "[It] Has Been My Mantra"

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The actress says, "I've been through the depths of despair but I am still here."

Following Nipsey Hussle's death, Lauren London has continued his legacy, but while she's championed The Marathon Continues, the actress has been making moves for herself, as well. This week, London's capsule collection with Puma, Forever Stronger, arrived, and it has been a partnership that she has been nurturing since after Nipsey's untimely death in 2019.

We've seen London's work with Puma throughout 2019 and 2020, and the collection she's been quietly building dropped Friday (June 25). The actress made an official announcement via her Instagram. "My Son Kam told me he was proud of me today," wrote London in the caption to a photo.

"This collection and what it stands for is deeper than clothing for me. 'Forever Stronger' has been a mantra for me throughout my journey with grief . I’ve been through The depths of despair but I am still here," she continued. "May this collection remind you of your own divine strength ! No matter what life brings , may we all stand stronger ! I know this because I live it."

In a recent interview with Complex, London spoke candidly about Forever Stronger, calling the name of the collection an "affirmation." She added, "It’s just for you to walk around with a message that can remind yourself or somebody else that’s reading your hoodie or your T-shirt. And it’s easy, simple pieces you can wear.”

“Puma was so caring and respectful and very gentle with me and gave me the creative freedom to choose my collaborators and control how I wanted to announce the partnership,” says London. “We didn’t want to make a blank announcement. We wanted it to be authentic and for it to mean something. And Forever Stronger is such a message that is really authentic to me.”

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