Twitter Reacts To Nets Announcement Kyrie Will Not Play Or Practice Until Vaccinated

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Kyrie Irving
Kyrie won't be playing or practicing until he can "fully participate" and Twitter has something to say about it.

This morning's announcement from Brooklyn Nets GM Sean Marks that Kyrie Irving would not be playing or practicing with the team until he was able to be a "full participant" came as no surprise. 

Irving, who has been vocal in his opposition to receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, was already going to miss every Nets home game due to New York City mandates requiring employees within the city to be vaccinated in order to participate in indoor activities. And despite fellow superstar and teammate Kevin Durant's tentative optimism that his point guard would be able to play this season, Marks made it clear that the organization would not permit a player to play part-time. 

The Nets ensured fans that they respected Irving's individual right to choose, but also ensured that, until Irving was in compliance with vaccine mandates, he would not be a part of the team.

As often happens with news of this magnitude, Twitter immediately lit up with basketball fans making their opinions on Kyrie and the anti-vax situation known. 

Twitter Reacts To Nets Announcement Kyrie Will Not Play Or Practice Until Vaccinated
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Tweets ranging from support for Irving to jokes about the point guard using a fake arm to get vaccinated were tossed around and it has become clear that, whatever side of the fence you fall on when it comes to Kyrie, everybody is watching and everybody has something to say about what's going on in Brooklyn. 

What do you think of Kyrie's stance against the COVID vaccine and what do you think of the Nets' decision to prohibit him from playing part-time? Let us know in the comments and see what Twitter had to say down below.

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