Jack Harlow Says He And Doja Cat Would Make A #1 Song Together

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Jack Harlow & Doja Cat
The "Route 66" rapper said he and Doja Cat would make magic.

Jack Harlow is no stranger to the smooth red carpet callout

This summer, while Saweetie was being interviewed on the red carpet ahead of the 2021 BET Awards, Harlow caught her off-guard and introduced himself. The "Icy Girl" rapper deflected Harlow's attempts at suaveness and called out his shaky hands, but Harlow assured that he was as cool as could be, and later on said that he and Saweetie are real friends

Jack Harlow Says He And <a href=Doja Cat Would Make A #1 Song Together">
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Over the weekend, Harlow appeared at Variety's Hitmakers Brunch in downtown Los Angeles. Before the event, an interviewer asked one of the most popular questions in music media—who would Harlow want to collaborate with? 

Within seconds, the Thats What They All Say rapper had the perfect answer: Doja Cat. 

"We'd make a number-one together," he told the interviewer. "Doja, I know you know. Come on." 

While Harlow and Doja Cat have never gotten on wax together, it's almost certain anything they put together would be a hit. Throughout 2020 and 2021, both rappers have ascended to insane heights and have become two of the biggest acts of the modern era. It's yet to be seen if a collaboration is in the near future, or if it will ever happen at all, but after Harlow stopped by Doja's birthday party back in October, and their respective relationships with Lil Nas X, it's clear that there is a perspective connection there. And according to Harlow, that connection has the potential to experience a ton of success.

How would you feel about a Jack Harlow x Doja Cat collab? Let us know down in the comments. 

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