John Davis, Real Voice Of Milli Vanilli, Dies Of COVID-19

John Davis, who was one of the true singers behind the duo Milli Vanilli, has passed away.

BYBianca Alvarado
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John Davis, known for being one of the real singing voices used for the infamous duo Milli Vanilli, has died from COVID-19, as revealed by his daughter Jasmin Davis in a Facebook post. Davis was 66 when he passed away on May 24th. His daughter’s post read, “He gave so much to the world! Please give him the last round of applause. We will miss him dearly."

Fab Morvan, the only surviving member of Milli Vanilli, shared his condolences to the voice who helped launch him into fame. He made sure to remind his followers of Davis’ talent and vocal abilities and added a Milli Vanilli song to emphasize John’s role in the R&B group. In the past, Morvan and Davis had done various appearances and performances together, showing their friendship through the years since the duo was outed for not using their own voices.

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Milli Vanilli consisted of Morvan and his now-deceased counterpart, Rob Pilatus. The duo was formed in 1988 in Munich, Germany. They achieved international success with their debut album and even won a Grammy in 1990 for Best New Artist. However, the Academy revoked the Grammy when the duo were caught lip-syncing, and it was revealed that they didn't actually sing on their own records-- despite the fact that they were real singers themselves. After the downfall of Milli Vanilli, Davis attempted to form a group of his own with another one of the singers behind the original duo, but ultimately he didn’t find success in so doing. 

May he rest in peace. View his daughter's original FB post below.

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