Brittany Renner Discloses Her Opinion On DJ Vlad: “The Feds”

Brittany Renner sweetly unloads on DJ Vlad when asked about doing another interview with the host.

BYAngela Savage
Brittany Renner Discloses Her Opinion On DJ Vlad: “The Feds”

Fitness model and longtime social media influencer Brittany Renner has been focused on building her brand over the last few years, but to her frustration, her name continues to swarm celebrity dating rumors, repeatedly forcing her personal history under a microscope.

Back in 2014, Renner, in conversation with host DJ Vlad, discussed the effects that social media has had on her personal life, presumably referring to her then-five-year relationship and rumors that she was dating quarterback-turned-activist Colin Kaepernick

“There’s always a rumor!” Renner exclaimed in the original interview (watch the full clip below). “I take a picture with a guy, I follow a guy, I post a guy on my page, and there’s rumors. There’s rumors everywhere.” 

She expanded on her thoughts when the discussion turned toward the subject of social media rumors and trolls as a whole. “I find [that] people who go out of their way to lie obviously don’t have a lot to lose, nor a lot going for themselves,” Renner said. “When you have your own brand, and you’re trying to actually accomplish your goals and dreams, I don’t find that you have time to mess up somebody’s life or wreak havoc in yours.” 

Brittany Renner Discloses Her Opinion On DJ Vlad: "The Feds"

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A few days ago, DJ Vlad took to Twitter to gauge whether his audience would want to see Renner return to his show. “Who wants to see another VladTV @brittanyrennerr interview?” he tweeted out.

Renner was prompt in her response. 

“You’re the feds sweetie,” she bluntly replied. Vlad might have thought it was humorous, but it doesn’t look like she’s willing to revisit that conversation anytime soon. 

See the clip from her 2014 Vlad TV interview and the recent Twitter back-and-forth below.


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