They’ve managed to keep their relationship away from scandalous headlines, but still, many people expect Lil Durk and India Royale to have a messy relationship. They share a child together and have a happy, blended family, but because the Rap industry is plagued with news of infidelities and romances-turned-sour, social media users often weigh in with rumors about their favorite stars and their partners. Durk and India are used to the gossip at this stage in the game, but still, India will occasionally surface to put a person in check.

“Durk be working his ass off,” India tweeted. Someone responded to one of her messages with a quip about “baby momma syndrome” and India clapped back, “Y’all are obsessed with us.” In later tweets, she added, “It be the men hating. They be wanting to f*ck the rappers. No cap, when I go concerts n*ggas be about to beat the b*tches asses tryna get next to the rappers.”

Another person attempted to defame Durk and India’s relationship with claims that he had a lovechild with someone else and doesn’t take care of his children. “Girl, no tf he didn’t. And yes tf he do,” India replied, before stating that no one should look to others to be “relationship goals.” Check out her posts below.