Mac Miller conducted an AMA today from his Tumblr page to promote his upcoming album GO:OD AM. While Mac didn’t talk much about the album, the online Q&A gave him the opportunity to show once again that he is a chill bro in addition to being a pretty good rapper.

With questions like “What type of car should I buy,” Mac answered with equally non-sensical responses, though he was sure to dispense a few pearls of wisdom. When asked if he knew a good manager to link up with, he responded, “find your most competent homie and get to work.”

After rejecting a marriage proposal, Mac said more tour dates will be made available when the album drops on September 18.

Scope the 10 best responses from the AMA in the gallery above and head here to read the whole thing.

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The 10 Best Responses From Mac Miller's Tumblr AMA