There’s no stopping Soulja Boy these days. The rapper has continued to drop an influx of music that has been rather hit or miss. However, that’s the formula that SB has used time and time again. If it doesn’t work, move on to the next track. However, much of the tracks he’s dropped this year haven’t depended on guest features nor has he been on a prolific collaborative streak.

This week, that changed with his latest single, “On My Way” ft Ray J. The two reunite on wax following the success of “Rich N Whippin,” delivering a catchy record that’s propped to become a potential TikTok success. The song was released alongside a music video which practically comes across as a RayCon ad.

Check out the latest from Ray J and Soulja Boy below.

Quotable Lyrics
Hop in the Rarri and pour up a pint of the lean
She know I’m gettin’ to the cake every week
Jump in the bed and she suck me to sleep
I’m the same n***a that came from the streets