Who said that drill needs to be hard? As the genres expanded across the globe, the different variations of the sound have remained rooted in the streets, though not limited to it. In the UK, specifically, the drill rappers have been bringing other types of elements into the fold. 

ArrDee has been one of the most promising young acts to emerge from Britain’s rap scene in the past year. Each single he’s dropped has only boosted his profile further but his latest offering could be his biggest yet. This week, the rapper unveiled his new single, “Flowers (Say My Name)” where he puts his spin on the classic Destiny’s Child record. Interestingly enough, the song dropped a few days after Fivio Foreign previewed a song that also samples Destiny’s Child “Say My Name.” 

Quotable Lyrics
Girl, I’m single and I always have been
Never promised you nothin’ but panting
Sweating ’em plans on a late night antics
She said “You don’t show me no respect
And you’re only callin’ me for the sex”
At least I call ’cause the rest just all come crawlin’