Omarion and his ex, Love and Hip Hop star Apryl Jones had a moment of truce after Apryl began dating his former B2K bandmate Fizz. The two appeared to do their best to stay drama-free while they co-parented their two children, Megaa, 6 and A’mei, 5.

Back in June 2020, we reported that Omarion took Apryl to court so that his former friend Fizz would not be allowed to be around his children. Fizz’s baby mama claims she helped Omarion get the proof he needed to help sway the judge to rule in Omarion’s favor.

Apryl took to Instagram to make it clear Omarion hasn’t been keeping the unbothered image he’s been displaying to the public, as the two are still battling it out in court. The mother stated she is “not a crazy baby momma” but keeps being served by the singer.

While it is unclear exactly what Apryl is being served for this time, she does go on to explain that she is “tired and would preferably like for it to stop.”

The singer K Goddess, who turned down Love and Hip Hop, slammed Apryl under a repost by The Neighborhood Talk. She responded with, “You Fucc my mans from my group I been friends with for years IMMA KEEP SERVING YOU TOO .. NO LETTIN UP.”

Love and Hip Hop star Tammy Rivera offered some sympathy by sharing, “Chileeeeeeee I know the getting serves for no reason feeling.”

Check out the full clip below.